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block online trackers following your every move

graphic representation of Ad & Online Tracker Blocking

Ad & Online Tracker Blocking

It's not just about blocking advertising. After all, websites rely on it so they can pay their employees. But the problem is advertisers are on a never ending quest to better "target" us consumers. So they harvest and store huge amounts of data on our activities online. is a website that compiles data on websites and the trackers they use. Take a look their data on the number of trackers used on popular sites. Do you browse Reddit? They use 3 trackers. Do you read Fox News? They have 26. How about CNN? They have 28 trackers!

Preventing website owners from being fairly compensated shouldn't be anyone's goal. But when they decide one tracker isn't enough and instead use multiple independent services so they can compile and analyze as much of your data as possible, well, you have to fight back.

graphic representation of Internet Content Control

Internet Content Control

You can fine tune all of our offerings with your own blacklists and whitelists, with support for wildcard domain entries. Block or allow a domain as well as any and all subdomains in one shot!

Or control blocking by category with 20+ choices, like social media or adult content. And for domains that are not already in our database we offer on the fly categorization! Unknown domains are instantly classified and, if they're in a category you've enabled, they're safely blocked from the start.

But of course it isn't always about blocking. You can also set custom query responses for any domain you choose. Rather than having to remember your computer's IP address, assign it to "". Do you have a Plex server running at home? Assign it to "".

blockerDNS isn't just an ad blocker, it's a fully customizable internet privacy and content filtering system. Whether you're an individual user, a parent looking to make the internet more family friendly, a business owner looking to increase data privacy company-wide, a library, a school, or anyone else, blockerDNS lets you take back control of your internet.

graphic representation of Data Dashboard

Data Dashboard

By default we don't log anything about your browsing. But if you like charts and graphs you can opt-in and enjoy real-time analysis and data.

See how many ad and tracker domains you've blocked and gain insights about who the worst offenders are.

If blockerDNS is causing problems with a website because we're blocking something, use live streamed logging data to easily identify which domains to whitelist.

graphic representation of Encrypted DNS over TLS & HTTPS

Encrypted DNS over TLS & HTTPS

To quote Cloudflare, "The Domain Name System (DNS) is the phonebook of the Internet." Every single one of your devices uses it.

Both DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS encrypt your DNS data so it can't be intercepted–by your internet provider for example–and used as another way to track your activity online.

Of course blockerDNS also has Standard DNS, which means you can get the same privacy and ad blocking benefits on any and all devices, even if they don't support the newer encrypted protocols.