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The following instructions are for iOS, but the process for macOS (where Big Sur or higher is required) is very similar. Use Safari when doing this setup because Apple makes profile installation a little harder for other browsers.

Step 1
Download your configuration profile. (You can download this in account settings as well.)

Screenshot showing how to download profile

Step 2
Once downloaded you'll see a message about Profile installation.

Screenshot showing message after profile download

Step 3
Go to Settings. Tap the entry labeled Profile Downloaded.

Screenshot showing how to get to profiles

Step 4
Install the profile. You may see a message about the author being unknown since the file isn't signed, but you can dismiss that.

Screenshot showing how to install profile

Step 5
You're done! (Note: You only need to install the profile once, regardless of any changes made after the fact to settings like category blocks, blacklists/whitelists, etc.)

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