blockerDNS is a DNS level ad blocker and fully customizable content filter that lets you take control of your internet and protect your privacy.


Note: For standard DNS, access is controlled by IP address. This is to prevent abuse of our servers by bad actors. When you sign in on the {{entity()}} website, your IP address is automatically whitelisted. Before changing your router's DNS settings, just make sure you sign in from a device on your WiFi first so that your house's IP is added to your account. You can always manually add/remove IPs in account management also.

Step 1
Sign into your ASUS router's admin page at

Step 2
From the menu on the left, click or tap WAN.

Step 3
Choose the Internet Connection tab at the top of the page.

Step 4
In the WAN DNS Settings section, put {{jsonData.dnsservers.default[0]}} in the first spot.

Step 5
In the second spot, put {{jsonData.dnsservers.default[1]}}

Step 6
Click Apply to save the settings.

Step 7
Whichever computer(s) or device(s) you're using should be restarted so that it can reconnect to your router and get the new DNS information.

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