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The following instructions are for setting up DNS over HTTPS with Chrome on the desktop. The steps are similar for setting it up on Chrome mobile, but if you are using Android and have {{entity()}} set up as your Private DNS provider, there's no need to also add it to your browser. The same can be said for Windows 10 when encrypted DNS support becomes available as a system-wide setting. It's currently in testing and will be released sometime soon, at which point you can set {{entity()}} as the provider for your whole computer and cover all programs in one shot.

Step 1
Go to the menu and click Settings

Screenshot showing how to get to Chrome Settings

Step 2
Then scroll down and click Security.

Screenshot showing how to get to security settings

Step 3
Scroll towards the bottom and click the switch to Use secure DNS.

Screenshot showing how to enable DNS over HTTPS for Chrome

Step 4
Change the provider to Custom, and then put in your custom URL: {{valueIfPremium(dohUrl( user.username),user.premium)}}

Screenshot showing how to customize DNS over HTTPS for Chrome

Step 5
You're done!

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