Note: blockerDNS needs to know who you are when you make a DNS request so that the right blocking settings are applied. For DoT and DoH you don't need to do anything because you have a unique URL that includes your username. But for standard DNS, you need to associate your public IP address with your blockerDNS account. Read about that here.

Sign into your Netgear router's admin page, usually at or, depending on which model you have

Netgear has two primary interfaces with different ways of performing the next step: If you see a BASIC and ADVANCED tab along the top, choose Basic followed by the Internet option on the left. If you don't have those two tabs along the top, choose Basic Settings.

Choose the Use These DNS Servers option in the Domain Name Server (DNS) Address section

In the Primary DNS spot, put {{jsonData.dnsservers.default[0]}}

In the Secondary DNS spot, put {{jsonData.dnsservers.default[1]}}

If you have a third field, you can just leave it blank

Click Apply to save the settings

If you're asked to reboot the router, go ahead and do that

Whichever computer(s) or device(s) you're using should be restarted so that it can reconnect to your router and get the new DNS information.

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